Radical Thought – Radical Language - Radical Communication Style

The special issue aims at shedding light on the trend to radicalize language in connection with radical political, social or religious ideas/ideologies across discourses genres and media, between individuals and groups, between the present and the past, between the culture specific and the universal, in conflict and dialogue as well as in the following spheres:

- public and private discourse

- political language  

- intercultural and cross-cultural communication

- aggressive and polite communication (netiquette)

- vulgarisms and taboos

-  political correctness as a means to alleviate radicalism

- persuasion

-  folklore

- creativity, metaphor and art

-  humour – corrective and benevolent- satire, parody, irony 

-  family and between genders

-  business communication

-  translating radical texts

Abstracts are due on 30 August 2019 and the papers on 15 November  2019.    

Please send the abstracts to tertium2016@gmail.com.

Authors of accepted abstracts are encouraged to take part in the Fourth Communication Styles Conference in Krosno, Poland on 12-13 November 2019 (http://www.pwsz.krosno.pl/ics-4-2019/), which will focus on the same issue and deliver the paper soon after the conference.

The Editors are looking forward to all the contributions.